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Collapse Coding Answer BookCoding Answer Book
Expand Abortion-MiscarriageAbortion-Miscarriage
Expand AbscessesAbscesses
Expand Add-On CodesAdd-On Codes
Expand Advance Beneficiary NoticeAdvance Beneficiary Notice
Expand Alchohol Abuse and RehabilitationAlchohol Abuse and Rehabilitation
Expand Allergy Testing and ImmunotherapyAllergy Testing and Immunotherapy
Expand Ambulatory Surgical CentersAmbulatory Surgical Centers
Expand AnesthesiaAnesthesia
Expand AnthraxAnthrax
Expand ApheresisApheresis
Expand AppealsAppeals
Expand AppendectomiesAppendectomies
Expand Archived - CMS Consults Prior to 2010Archived - CMS Consults Prior to 2010
Expand Assistants-At-SurgeryAssistants-At-Surgery
Expand Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Expand Audiologic Function TestsAudiologic Function Tests
Expand Bilateral ProceduresBilateral Procedures
Expand Biofeedback TherapyBiofeedback Therapy
Expand BiopsiesBiopsies
Expand Botulinum ToxinBotulinum Toxin
Expand Breast ProceduresBreast Procedures
Expand BronchoscopyBronchoscopy
Expand BurnsBurns
Expand CardiologyCardiology
Expand Cardiothoracic ProceduresCardiothoracic Procedures
Expand Care Plan OversightCare Plan Oversight
Expand Category II CPT CodesCategory II CPT Codes
Expand Category III CPT CodesCategory III CPT Codes
Expand Central Venous AccessCentral Venous Access
Expand Chart AuditsChart Audits
Expand Chart CorrectionsChart Corrections
Expand ChemotherapyChemotherapy
Expand Chiropractic CodesChiropractic Codes
Expand Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Expand Clinical TrialsClinical Trials
Expand Cochlear ImplantsCochlear Implants
Expand Coding Tips and ResourcesCoding Tips and Resources
Expand Colleague CoverageColleague Coverage
Expand ColonoscopiesColonoscopies
Expand Concurrent CareConcurrent Care
Expand Conscious SedationConscious Sedation
Expand ConsultsConsults
Expand Correct Coding PolicyCorrect Coding Policy
Expand Cosmetic SurgeryCosmetic Surgery
Expand Coumadin ClinicsCoumadin Clinics
Expand CPT CodesCPT Codes
Expand Critical CareCritical Care
Expand DiabetesDiabetes
Expand Diagnosis CodesDiagnosis Codes
Expand Diagnosis Codes - Annual UpdatesDiagnosis Codes - Annual Updates
Expand Diagnosis Codes - E CodesDiagnosis Codes - E Codes
Expand Diagnosis Codes - ICD-10Diagnosis Codes - ICD-10
Expand Diagnosis Codes - NeoplasmsDiagnosis Codes - Neoplasms
Expand Diagnosis Codes - V CodesDiagnosis Codes - V Codes
Expand Diagnostic TestingDiagnostic Testing
Expand DialysisDialysis
Expand Digestive SystemDigestive System
Expand DrugsDrugs
Expand Ear ProceduresEar Procedures
Expand EczemaEczema
Expand ElectromyographyElectromyography
Expand Electrophysiology CodingElectrophysiology Coding
Expand Emergency DepartmentEmergency Department
Expand Endoscopy CodingEndoscopy Coding
Expand Evaluation and Management Documentation GuidelinesEvaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines
Expand Evaluation and Management ServicesEvaluation and Management Services
Expand Family ConferencesFamily Conferences
Expand Foot CareFoot Care
Expand Foreign Body RemovalForeign Body Removal
Expand Group VisitsGroup Visits
Expand HCPCS CodesHCPCS Codes
Expand HeadacheHeadache
Expand Health Behavior CodesHealth Behavior Codes
Expand Helicobacter Pylori TestingHelicobacter Pylori Testing
Expand HepatitisHepatitis
Expand Hernia RepairHernia Repair
Expand HerpesHerpes
Expand Hospice CareHospice Care
Expand Hospital Inpatient EM ServicesHospital Inpatient EM Services
Expand Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO)
Expand HypertensionHypertension
Expand HysterectomiesHysterectomies
Expand Incident-To ServicesIncident-To Services
Expand InjectionsInjections
Expand Injections SurgicalInjections Surgical
Expand Injections VaccinesInjections Vaccines
Expand Integumentary SystemIntegumentary System
Expand Labs in Physician OfficesLabs in Physician Offices
Expand LaparoscopyLaparoscopy
Expand LesionsLesions
Expand Magnetic Resonance ImagingMagnetic Resonance Imaging
Expand MammographiesMammographies
Expand Medical NecessityMedical Necessity
Expand Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs)Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs)
Expand Mental Health ServicesMental Health Services
Expand ModifiersModifiers
Expand Modifier 22Modifier 22
Expand Modifier 24Modifier 24
Expand Modifier 25Modifier 25
Expand Modifier 25 vs. 57Modifier 25 vs. 57
Expand Modifier 26Modifier 26
Expand Modifier 50 vs LT and RTModifier 50 vs LT and RT
Expand Modifier 51Modifier 51
Expand Modifier 52Modifier 52
Expand Modifier 53 vs 52Modifier 53 vs 52
Expand Modifiers 54, 55 and 56Modifiers 54, 55 and 56
Expand Modifiers 58, 78 and 79Modifiers 58, 78 and 79
Expand Modifier 59Modifier 59
Expand Modifier 62 Co-SurgeonsModifier 62 Co-Surgeons
Expand Modifier 66Modifier 66
Expand Modifiers 73 and 74: Ambulatory Surgery CentersModifiers 73 and 74: Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Expand Modifiers 76 and 77Modifiers 76 and 77
Expand Modifier 81Modifier 81
Expand Modifier GJModifier GJ
Expand Modifier KXModifier KX
Expand Mohs Micrographic SurgeryMohs Micrographic Surgery
Expand Musculoskeletal SystemMusculoskeletal System
Expand Nail ProceduresNail Procedures
Expand Neurology and NeurosurgeryNeurology and Neurosurgery
Expand New vs Established PatientsNew vs Established Patients
Expand Newborn CareNewborn Care
Expand Nursing Facility VisitsNursing Facility Visits
Expand Nutrition ServicesNutrition Services
Expand Observation CareObservation Care
Expand Obstetrics and GynecologyObstetrics and Gynecology
Expand Ophthalmology ServicesOphthalmology Services
Expand Outpatient RehabilitationOutpatient Rehabilitation
Expand Pain ManagementPain Management
Expand Pap SmearsPap Smears
Expand Pathology ServicesPathology Services
Expand Pay for PerformancePay for Performance
Expand Pediatric CodingPediatric Coding
Expand PET ScansPET Scans
Expand Physical Occupational TherapyPhysical Occupational Therapy
Expand Physician's FamilyPhysician's Family
Expand Place of ServicePlace of Service
Expand Polysomnograms and Sleep StudiesPolysomnograms and Sleep Studies
Expand Preventive MedicinePreventive Medicine
Expand Prolonged ServicesProlonged Services
Expand PsychotherapyPsychotherapy
Expand Pumps and PortsPumps and Ports
Expand Radiation OncologyRadiation Oncology
Expand Radiology ServicesRadiology Services
Expand Respiratory TherapyRespiratory Therapy
Expand Second OpinionsSecond Opinions
Expand Separate ProceduresSeparate Procedures
Expand Shared VisitsShared Visits
Expand Skin Replacement SurgerySkin Replacement Surgery
Expand Skull Base SurgerySkull Base Surgery
Expand Special ServicesSpecial Services
Expand Specialty Designation CodesSpecialty Designation Codes
Expand Stem Cell HarvestingStem Cell Harvesting
Expand SuperbillsSuperbills
Expand Surgery GlobalSurgery Global
Expand Surgery Starred ServicesSurgery Starred Services
Expand Surgical Pathology CodingSurgical Pathology Coding
Expand Teaching PhysiciansTeaching Physicians
Expand TransplantsTransplants
Expand TravelTravel
Expand UlcersUlcers
Expand Ultrasound and Echocardiography ServicesUltrasound and Echocardiography Services
Expand Unlisted ProceduresUnlisted Procedures
Expand UrologyUrology
Expand Vascular CodingVascular Coding
Expand VasectomiesVasectomies
Expand VenipuncturesVenipunctures
Expand Wound CareWound Care
Expand Appendix A EM GuidelinesAppendix A EM Guidelines
Expand Action AlertAction Alert
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