About Us

CodingAnswers.com got its start as the Coding Answer Book, which for more than 20 years served the bookshelf go-to reference for savvy coders and billers. Now, in its easier-to-reference online format, our mission remains the same:

  1. To make it easier for medical office revenue staff to stay on top of code changes by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization;
  2. improve claims filing productivity by providing a single-source for hundreds of different rules source documents scattered across various federal and private payer organizations; and
  3. offer easy-to-understand interpretation of coding coverage rules and intent to lessen a providers risk of inappropriately applying codes in a variety of billing scenarios.

Our team of healthcare journalists and monitor coding activity daily. When a new coding convention, code description, code number, or coding/billing rule takes effect, the respective CodingAnswers topical library gets an instant update. You NEVER RISK being out of date, nor do CodingAnswers.com subscribers have to take a single action to ensure they’ve got the latest information on hand, at the ready.

At DecisionHealth, the only person we work for is you, the provider. We are not affiliated with any special interest groups, nor owned by any entity with a conflicting stake in the healthcare industry. Since 1986, we’ve been independently watching out for the financial health of healthcare providers, and we’ll be there for you and your peers for the next 25 years.

Just look at how subscribers are benefitting:

"The Coding Answer Book (now CodingAnswers.com) is a good coding resource for
both new and experienced coders."
– Kim Bruley, RHIT, CCS, Coding Supervisor,
Botsford General Hospital, Farmington Hills, MI

"The Coding Answer Book (now CodingAnswers.com) has answered many of my
puzzling questions. It is also a good tool for training."
– Caroline Delacruz, Coding Consultant,
Westchester Medical Group, White Plains, NY

"The Coding Answer Book (now CodingAnswers.com) has information
that is difficult to find elsewhere."
– Sharon L. Drobot, CPC, Medical
Coder and Biller, Bedford, OH

The company that produces CodingAnswers is DecisionHealth, a privately owned, independent multimedia publisher. For more than 20 years, DecisionHealth® has served as the industry's leading source for healthcare provider news, analysis and instructional guidance. It's unique blend of award-winning on-staff journalists and unmatched access to health care executives, providers and their administrative staffs results in business management advice and operationally focused editorial that has captured the attention of nearly 100,000 professionals working in Home Health Care Agencies, Multi-Specialty Medical Offices and the full range of Specialty Medical Office Practices. DecisionHealth offers more than 50 independent newsletters, magazines, books, web sites and reference services that help readers make the best business decisions on issues affecting healthcare business operations.